Jody Sargison
Jody Sargison is passionate about fitness and well-being, and loves to work with mothers.

Fitness and Well-being with Jody Sargison

“Together we find ongoing faith of living life in abundance,” says Jody.

Jody’s passion is to create happiness in body, mind and home through self-confidence, worth and enlightenment of what’s possible. She brings to life individual purpose, and hidden achievements for mums. Jody understands. She knows it’s a challenge to get fit, whether you’re at home or at work. Therefore she can show you how to improve your strength in all areas of life.

As a result of her personal experience, Jody can uncover areas where you already have an advantage. And she illustrates how to maintain health, fitness and well-being for you and your family during challenging times.

Jody is a Level Three Exercise Professional, with qualifications in Sleep Safe Space, Cert III & Cert IV in Fitness, Certificate of Nutrition, and Certificate in Management & Leadership.

Fitness and Well-being Podcasts with Jody

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