Ever decided that you wanted to get fit, tried (and failed) a run, then gave up? An Exercise Action Plan is the key to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

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Jody Sargison is the Treasuring Mothers Fitness and Well-Being expert

It’s very easy, in every area of our lives, to have a goal that we’re just not sure how we’re going to fulfil, and the area of fitness is no exception.

Whatever your fitness goals are, whether it’s running a marathon, a 5k fun run, being able to climb the stairs without feeling puffed, losing weight, or getting in better shape, creating an Exercise Action Plan is the number one step in making your goal an achievable one.

GUEST: Jody Sargison
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes – Exercise Action Plans

  • If you’ve got a fitness goal in mind it helps to have a plan to how to get there. An Exercise Action Plan breaks down goals into manageable steps.
  • Like all things, if you’re aiming to get somewhere it’s important to plot your course.
  • If you’re not sure what you’re doing get someone to help you set it up.
  • Online searches can help, and there are many apps that can help you with an exercise plan. Here’s a list of great Fitness Apps >>>
  • Fitness goals might be a race, weight loss, increase strength, increase fitness, or something else. It’s great to identify the “why”.
  • You then need to identify WHEN you’re going to work on this—arrange a time.
  • If you struggle with motivation it can help to have someone else to do it with you, or help hold you accountable.
  • It’s important not to over-train. Exercise can be addictive, and it’s important to give your body time to recover. Add rest days to your action plan.
  • Give yourself little rewards to help keep you motivated along the way.
  • Identify the road-blocks to success, and be proactive in addressing these.
  • Make sure your fitness goals are realistic. Once you’ve achieved one goal, then go on to set yourself the next one.  

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Achieve your fitness goals with an Exercise Action Plan