What’s your Quiz Score?

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If you responded with mostly a) answers then you are a very relational type.

Your quiz score indicates you love your ability to nurture a good relationship. Being with people is your strength, and you will stop at nothing to connect and talk. My advice to you: While you are very good at connecting, there will be times when you are causing grief for those around you! Those tasky ones need your help to get some things done. So, try and limit how much talking you do.

If you have mostly b) answers, you are in good relationship territory. Congratulations!

This quiz score shows you manage to balance the line between tasky and relational types. This was most likely a conscious effort on your part, and you are doing well in the relationship vs task stakes. It takes a lot of self-awareness to calm down your relational or tasky tendencies. I know. I’m a reformed tasky person. Great work!

If you got mostly c) answers, then like me, you are a tasky type

A quiz score like this indicates time is of the essence for you, and it doesn’t matter where people are at because the job must get done! And then you can make idle chatter. Unfortunately, the relational people around you will think you are distant and hard to get on with. Perhaps you are even quite difficult to form a good relationship with. My advice to you: slow down and see the people around you. It’s okay because they are important too!

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It’s always good to assess yourself and become more aware of how you respond to others, how you react in various situations, and what sort of relationships you develop. This process of growing self-awareness is rarely taught, but valuable to know. Some people pick it up from their families. Others are in their 30s or 40s before they begin to realize what they are like, and their impact on others.

Self awareness is a good thing to develop in your children, as well as in yourself.
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