Mothers Reclaim Fitness as School Begins

Getting back to a fitness routine after the summer break is a challenge for everyone. But Jody Sargison has some great ideas to help you firm your resolve, not to mention your abs!

Check out these great YouTube videos to reclaim fitness as school begins this year.

GUEST: Jody Sargison
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Show Notes, Episode 35

  • Now is the time to set a new plan

  • Don’t make the plan too complicated!

  • Plan to exercise at a time to suit you and your family

  • Think creatively about how you might get your family moving

    • Eg. When can you get family bike-reading happening?

    • Or go to the beach to do deep wading, or build a sand castle?

  • Tailor your plan to the long-term, and create a challenge for yourself

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Mothers Reclaim Fitness as School Begins with Jody Sargison