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Jody Sargison – Fitness and Well-being

Fitness and Well-being with Jody Sargison “Together we find ongoing faith of living life in abundance,” says Jody. Jody’s passion is to create happiness in body, mind and home through self-confidence, worth and enlightenment of what’s possible. She brings to life individual purpose, and hidden achievements for mums. Jody understands. She knows it’s a challenge […]

What’s Your Relationship Preference. Chatting or Doing?

What’s Your Relationship Preference. Chatting or Doing

Two Different Relationship Types I love doing stuff, making things, and being on time. My friend prefers talking, catching up, chatting and being in a good relationship with people. Why are we so different? Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time with several great girlfriends. We have children about the same age, who’ve […]