Jody Sargison, Family Fitness
Fitness and well-being expert Jodie Sargison is passionate about mothers!

Jody Sargison: Enjoy Getting Fit

In this episode, Jody gives some great ideas to encourage you to get moving so fitness becomes a lifelong love.

Jody’s final word: “Be creative, go for enjoyment and you will go back for more!”

GUEST: Jody Sargison
HOSTED BY: Jenny Baxter

Today’s Podcast: Enjoy Getting Fit. Your Show Notes

Here are some of the main ideas she shared about how you can enjoy getting fit:

  • Start  in small spaces to ensure that fitness becomes a lifelong love
  • If you just “go for it”, you often end up unhappy, or even injured (Here’s a link to an article about how women can avoid sports injuries.
  • So, don’t make yourself do exercise through punishment
  • Instead, get fit by doing things you enjoy
  • Use your imagination! Think outside the square and go for things you would really like to do

Here are a few suggestions from this interview with Jody to help you enjoy getting fit (but have a listen to find out some more): How about walking? A team sport? Perhaps wading through water at the beach? What about closing all the curtains, turning up the music and dancing!

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