20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother: Parts 1 and 2

Want to know how you can rock at being a mother? There are some simple things to think about to get there. You can do it!

Have a listen to the radio interview to find out – this gives you Parts 1 and 2  of 20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother:

1. You are loved and  2. Be open to learn new things

Chatting to The Big J on Friday Feb 26, 2018

See the transcription of this interview, below.

Interview transcription:

20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother: Parts 1 and 2

1. You are loved
2. Be open to learn new things

JE: It’s is a Friday morning good morning Jenny Baxter.

JB: Hello Jason how are you today?

JE: I’m absolutely buzzing and I’m ready to rock which is sort of goes with what we’ve got with today’s topic about how to rock at being a mother.

JB: I’m currently working on 20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother, and I thought I’d talk about one and two of those 20 this morning.

So the first one is really such an important thing and I don’t think people think about it very much is to take hold of the truth that you are loved. And if you think about it if you are wanting to love somebody else it’s actually very difficult to do that unless you are yourself being loved and aware of being loved and acknowledged as receiving love. And do you remember when Dr Caroline Leaf was here last year she went through a whole list of addictions. The top of the list is love. That’s what we’re addicted to, that’s what we need.

JE: Who would’ve have thought! Love! It’s like the biggest organ, skin.

JB: We need love like nothing else and it’s a good addiction, actually, which is a good thing. But it means that if you’re not willing to receive love how can you possibly give it? The important thing to know, even if you’re in well often people are in relationships which aren’t very helpful, and they question the love at that point. But God loves you, God loves everybody! He has such an enormous supply of love for everyone. It’s good to just acknowledge that, that God loves you. And God loves me, and God loves everyone on the planet. He’s compassionate, and He is loving, and He is tender, and He wants to know every one of those millions of people, billions of people.

So it’s good because when you know that you’re loved you can relax, and you can relax in yourself, you can be creative, and you can accept yourself as you are. That whole concept of being creative is what works into next one of 20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother, and that is being open to learning new things because when you’re relaxed and able to go, “Okay I know that I am okay as I am. I don’t have to be anxious about it, and give it to me. What do I need to know. What do I need to understand.”

Every new mother goes, “Of course, I need to know and learn new things,” but it continues. When you’ve been a mother for five years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 30 years, it’s important to continue being open to learning and understanding yourself, and your children. And whatever age they are at, their needs, and being open to learn about what they’re up to, and how to care for them in the best way possible.

JE: And a simple challenge could even be trying a new recipe, or a new habit at home, or saying, “No I’m going to have 15 minutes to sit quietly by myself and just have that me-time.”

JB: Yes, that’s right, and so that’s exactly right, Jason, to be able to stop still and take it slowly and allow God to love you. Or just to breathe, and slow down, and acknowledge that you can love yourself. Those are very important things to do.

I was talking about this this morning with my husband, and he reminded me of the story of Mary and Martha who were busy, busy, busy, well, Martha was busy, busy, busy, getting ready for Jesus to eat at their house. Mary on the other hand was just sitting there enjoying his company and having a really good old chat. And Martha got really cross and said, “Mary what are you doing? I’m busy here in the kitchen!” And Jesus said “No it’s okay. Mary’s doing the right thing. I’m here, and it’s good to stop and slow down.”

So I think for mothers we have to remember that we do both Mary and Martha. It’s important to do both. But you’ve got to make sure you do the Mary part of your life, and not ignore that because that’s a very incredibly important part.

JE: So it’s okay to be Martha before 9, but after 9 have a bit of Mary time.

JB: Maybe it’s a different timing. Maybe before 6am, or maybe it’s after 10pm – but, it’s really important to acknowledge that you do need time to slow down, to let God love you, and to take stock of the day, and be thankful for things, and acknowledge that there are good things going on in your life, no matter how difficult it can be. There are good things. And to love yourself and understand that.

JE: One of the things that you’ve put up Jenny on our Facebook post this morning which my phone has just totally said, “No, I can’t show you” was about different ways of being a mother. “Yeah. There is no way to be a perfect mother but a million ways to be a good one.” from Jill Churchill.

JB: Alright, Jenny how can you be contacted? Yes TreasuringMothers.com, is the name of the website. Also we’ve got a Facebook group. And that’s called the Treasuring Mothers Community. I’d love to connect with you that way.

JE: Jenny Baxter till next week, and we’ll look at ways three in four how to rock to be a mother.

JB: Indeed. Thanks Jason

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