Feeling Hopeless? You Are Loved and not Forgotten

You are Loved and not Forgotten

Do you ever feel as though no one sees you. As if you are invisible?

In reality, you are NOT forgotten.

Jenny Baxter, talks with The Big J on Hobart’s ultra106five about being loved and not forgotten.  CLICK HERE to listen to the radio interview.

While it’s tempting to feel as though you are soldiering along on your own, nothing could be further from the truth. Because even if you feel alone, there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Read on for more…

20 Ways to Rock at Being a Mother [1]: Know you are loved

The Loss and the Loving

My Story of Loss, Grief and What Happened Next

By Jenny Baxter

It was a crushing blow, and the weight of grief crippled me. It felt like I had nowhere to go, and I could barely breathe.

Who could even begin to understand what happened? My loss was so huge, I couldn’t process it. It became the defining thing in my life. It altered and structured everything else around it, not just afterwards, but before it as well. The love I knew since birth – before birth – gone in an instant!

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