Mother’s Day. It’s a torn time of year for some. And greatly loved by others. All Sweetness and Light. The love (and dollars) that get lavished on mothers on this one day, barely accounts for all the time, energy and love given by mothers every day, of every year.

But what do you do if, like me, you no longer have a mother?

Or if you don’t get on with her? (So sad for you.)Or she is so unwell, she can hardly acknowledge your presence, let alone your gift? (That’s really hard!)

Those are difficult scenarios and make Mother’s Day a bittersweet time for many. No doubt there are some great memories stored away. But the current reality is not always so great.

Truly, Mother’s Day has the potential to be a very sad day for some.

Childless Mothers?

Then there’s another, smaller, group of women who my heart goes out to every Mother’s Day.

They are the women who always wanted children, but so far, it hasn’t happened. Or, it did, but didn’t end well. Or, devastatingly, it will never happen.

I call these childless mothers.

Forget Sweetness and Light. Childless mothers have every reason to find Mother’s Day celebrations difficult. These dear ones have their work cut out for them as they make choices to forgive the blasé comments, the inadvertent exclusions, and the inappropriate comments.

Their reality is crushing. And yet each day, they choose to go forward into their childless world, brokenhearted. It’s a good choice, because brokenness always leads to growth and self-understanding. Followed by awareness and compassion. But it is a hard road.

Being Grateful in the Brokenness

But no matter why Mother’s Day might be difficult for you, I’ve learnt the only way to “enjoy” the day is to let your past hardships go. Live that day being thankful for what you do have: a mother who gave you your life. Even if all you have are memories.

Your mother’s journey to motherhood may not have been an easy one. But the truth is, you are here today because of her. And that’s a testament to her care, love and pain as she brought you into this world. Be grateful for her.

So, this Mother’s Day, let’s do all we can to honour every mother, and give them a day to remember.

Which means the big question is, “What do mothers want on Mother’s Day?

Mother's Day

What’s a Mother want for Mother’s Day?

McCrindle did some research recently to find out the worst Mother’s Day gifts, and you can read about their findings by clicking HERE >>>

But my intention today is the give you the low down on the best Mother’s Day gifts. So keep on reading!

Here are 20 ideas for Mother’s Day gifts: Serious and Zany!

See below for your free Mother’s Day download. Yay!

Number 1.

A hug. A big squeezy one.

Number 2.

Chocolate. Lots of it.

Number 3.

And flowers would be good too.

Number 4.

Five minutes to herself. Or perhaps five minutes on the phone to each of her offspring. (It depends which end of the mother-years scale she is on.)

Number 5.

Breakfast in bed, AND the dishes in the dishwasher (preferably with said dirty dishes, not stacked in with clean ones!)

Number 6.

A card that says: You are Loved.
And it doesn’t matter if the recipient is a mother or not.

Number 7.

Someone to listen to her tell what she misses about her mother.

Number 8.

A big carton of Magnum ice-creams – milk dark, almond and white chocolate. Actually, no. It would be a truckload, along with a huge freezer to store them!

Number 9.

Someone to take her to her mother’s favourite restaurant or café, so she can talk about her, and remember all the good times (not the bad).

Number 10.

An Insta filter that only shows photos that make her laugh.
Especially not photos that make her cry sad tears.

Number 11.

A special memento like a necklace with her kid’s names on it like this one from Etsy.

Number 12.

A purpose-built soundproofed room where she can go and scream.
Why has no one made something like this already?

Number 13.

Movie stars to stop raving about how tough it is to be a mother.
Yes, yes – it’s a tough gig for everyone. But it’s infuriating, isn’t it?

Number 14.

Research released proving that mothers who run themselves ragged, and eat lots of chocolate, have the most well-balanced kids ever.
So? It could happen couldn’t it?

Number 15.

The ability to wear white for a whole day without getting dirty.
Well, I mean, you can dream.

Number 16.

L-Plates for new mothers. Well, actually, you need L-Plates for new school mothers as well. And high school mothers, and mothers whose kids have just got L-Plates!

Number 17.

A foot massage, along with a foot soak, and a foot spa, anything for those tired feet! For more than two minutes. Sound good?

Number 18.

A special rose bush to either commemorate her, or the life of her mother.

Number 19.

Time alone, with all the bits and pieces, to make a scrapbook to honour her mother.

Number 20. And your free download!


A pretty poster to place beside her computer to remind her she is not alone, and that God is only a moment away.

Sweetness and Light? Not always, but the truth is, it’s your choice.
Make sure you ENJOY Mother’s Day won’t you!

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