Anxious Motherhood: My Ducks Were In A Row!

Anxious Motherhood My Ducks Were In A Row!

Today’s guest blogger is Sydney mother-of-two Samantha Freestone. Questions of identity and inability plagued her when she was a first-time mother. Was it post-natal depression? Nope. Unexpectedly, Sam was anxious. Hear Samantha talk about anxious thoughts on the Treasuring Mothers podcast >>> Samantha also hosts Some Answers, where she interviews everyday Christians, talking about their life, their […]

Depression During Pregnancy. Did it Happen to you?

Depression During Pregnancy. Did it Happen to you

Depression During Pregnancy – A Pathway Through Shades of Grey “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” CHARLES DICKENS, THE TALE OF TWO CITIES You can listen to me talk about my perinatal depression experience HERE >>> Charles Dickens’ opening lines for his famous book, The Tale of Two Cities, come to […]

Surviving Postnatal Depression

Surviving Postnatal Depression

Surviving postnatal depression is hard going. Everyone who suffers from it finds it difficult. But Nicki got through … This week’s guest blogger is author and mother-of-two Nicki Jeffery, from Coffs Harbour NSW. Nicki lived through a very difficult time after the birth of her babies. Eventually she became well enough to tell her story, and […]