Mary Treasured – And You Do Too

Mary, the Mother of Jesus, can be credited for the Christmas story told in churches around the globe over the next week. And we know the story because it’s recorded in the Bible. In fact, the one who wrote her story down makes mention that, “Mary treasured up these things”.

Mary remembered what happened and kept all the details close to her heart. Just like you, and I, do with every child.

Mary Treasured – And You Do Too

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It was Mary who gave Luke, the Apostle, the details of Jesus’ birth. Beginning with her startling visit by the angel Gabriel, to Jesus’ arrival in the unlikely town of Bethlehem. Followed by the unexpected arrival of some shepherds, with their crazy story about angels singing out in the fields. You can read the whole story in the Bible in Luke 1 and 2.

Luke made a few small editorial comments. Here is one of them: “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19 NIV)

Amazingly, the concept was so important to him that he repeated it later in the chapter: “But his mother treasured all these things in her heart.” (Luke 2:51 NIV)

The concept is important to us too. For me. And for you. We remember and we ponder. The unique story of each child’s birth is kept stored away, in the back-blocks of memory. These memories are not the same as distant memories of childhood, or Christmases past, or early days on-the-job. These memories of your children are treasured. Just like Mary treasured up these things.

Do you Know Your Birth Story?

While Jesus’ birth story is well known and told out loud a lot, public re-telling of people’s birth stories are not common. And we mothers hold these details very closely to our hearts. I’m thinking that often we hold it all just a little too closely, especially the painful memories. However, I think it’s good to release those details for your children to know. They deserve to know what happened.

“Why’s that?” you might ask. It comes back to my own birth story because I didn’t ever have much of a conversation with my mother about my birth. Sadly,  she died when I was 16.  When I first became pregnant, and curious about what happened to me when I was born, she wasn’t there to ask. And I would love to have known more about her experiences! Actually, I regret not knowing more. All I have is one snippet of information she told me when I was little (read the story HERE).

Have You Ever Told Someone their Birth Story?

So, what happened when your children were born? What about those little ones who you ache for, who were with us for a very short time, or didn’t even see the light of day? Mary treasured up these things, and almost certainly, you have too.

Let me encourage you to take the time to record what happened at the time of birth for each of your children. Even the stories of those no longer with us. Your family will appreciate knowing what you know.

Your story, or stories, could take the form of a letter, story, poem, a series of dot points, or even a voice recording. If you are musical, perhaps you could compose a song; or if that way inclined, record a video. It’s important to let them know the experience was costly. Tell whatever you are comfortable telling, maybe even the bad stuff, with or without the unpleasant details.

Mary Treasured Up These Things. Do you?

If you do decide to tell the birth stories of your children, you may decide to deliver this information to a specific person straight away, maybe next week as a Christmas present! Or keep it for a birthday or anniversary, or just before a grandchild is born. Whichever way you choose to pass on the information, writing down your child’s birth story is a lovely affirmation and declaration of your love for them.

Your record of their birth story will become a treasured memory. And there may be a hidden bonus, because it could very well be a healing process for you too.

Have you ever told your daughter the details and circumstances of her birth? Have you ever told your son? What happened? If now isn’t the right time to tell them, how about writing it down for a special moment one day?

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