100 Things to do During the School Holidays

We all need school holiday activities to make life bearable after the end of term. Because it can be such a challenge to fill the long days.  Maybe you need a list of 100 Things To Do?

100 Things to do During the School Holidays

At the beginning of the kids-at-school season, it takes some time to adjust to the fact that it’s all-systems-go when children head into holiday time. For a long time I expected to get a rest! Nope, that’s not happening.

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It took me a few years to work out that my expectations were out of sync with my child-bound life. I was no longer a student. Nor was I working, and free to do as I pleased when I had time off. No longer did “holidays” mean putting my feet up and relaxing. And no catching up on all those household tasks I hadn’t conquered.

I discovered, the hard way, that as a mother of young children, there’s never much time for a break when your kids are always looking for the next thing to do. That’s why I’ve done some research and come up with a great list of school holiday activities: 100 Things to do During the School Holidays.

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Your life will be so much easier when you have your list downloaded and ready to refer to.

How to Use the List

With young children, it’s pretty easy to read through the list and do something that appeals to you. And before you know it you are saying:

“Alright you lot! We’re off to the gardens to feed the ducks!”

But when my kids were a little older, I’d sit down with them on the first day of their school break and find out what everyone wanted to do. This even worked when away at some other location.

  • Library? Check!
  • Trip to the beach? Check!
  • Sleepover at our house? Check!
  • Visit theme park? Check!

Read the 100 Things to Do List to get some inspiration.

Then I’d map out the coming weeks and schedule everything in on a calendar, using the following criteria:

  • No more than one big outing per day.
  • Balance-in everyday things, like grocery shopping and cleaning bedrooms.
  • Make sure each child got their ideas spread over the break.
  • Add some ideas of my own so I could have a break. Eg. play-dates, visit the cousins, dad-time.
  • Make sure the activities fit within your budget.
  • And maybe you have some extra thoughts to balance your family life.

Here are THE DATES for school holidays in Australia for 2019.
Why not download the 100 Things to Do list, and come up with a plan!

I hope you find some really useful school holiday activities!

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