While the incredible complexities of motherhood are rarely spoken about, my plan is to break all that open with Treasuring Mothers. This blog is all about giving honour and value to mothers, and celebrating Mother’s Day is high on the list!

Even if like me, you no longer have a mother, there are some special ways you can demonstrate your love for her and honour her memory. So it’s not impossible to have a happy mother’s day, even if emotions rise for you.


While it’s a good thing to celebrate mothers, and the extraordinary work they do for their families and communities globally, too often I’m greeted with glazed-over eyes when I talk about my constant work to value-add to mothers.

“Why Focus on Motherhood?” they wonder.

The usual *yawn* response makes me cringe. Why this reluctance to give mothers their due? Is it because so many women do this motherhood thing? Because it’s so normal? Or because it’s just one of those things you do without giving it much thought?

Or perhaps I get that glazed look because it’s the thing women do when they’re “not working”, so it’s somehow less than “real” life? Well, that’s just laughable! Don’t we aim to be integrated people, who encompass and embrace all that life throws at us? The everyday, and the exceptional. The proud moments and those you would rather not talk about?

It’s good to focus on motherhood because has to be one of the most difficult, but eternally rewarding, jobs anyone can do. It requires strength, tenacity, resilience, tears, and lots of prayer!

So hats off to mothers this Mother’s Day.

Celebrating Mother’s Day? Do it with Panache!

Even if your mother is not in your day-to-day life, there are still ways you can celebrate. I know it’s a sad day for lots of women, me included. I’m not the only one to have lost her mother as a teenager.

Perhaps you are struggling after the death of your mother. If so, you could join the Facebook Group Without My Mum, where you will find much solace. Celebrating Mother’s Day is also difficult for those whose mothers are mentally unwell, or suffering diseases of old age such as dementia, or a debilitating stroke.

On the other hand, maybe you are estranged from your mother. Or unfortunately, you just plain do-not-get-on-with-her.

Let’s be real. These are all difficult scenarios. It can hurt. Even so, there are still ways you can celebrate Mother’s Day. The absolutely best suggestion I have for you is to write to all down. Put some of those thoughts onto paper. Get them out of your system. It’s an amazingly freeing thing to do. Here is my prayer for you if you are struggling:

May God be close to you as you pour your heart out,
in your frustration, your sadness,
your grief and your disappointment.
Allow Him to show you a way out of those emotions
to contentment, joy and peace.

And if your mother is still on this earth? Let her know you are thinking of her. There is no doubt time is short, and who knows what tomorrow will bring? You may not have many years with her.

Think Carefully about Celebrating Mother’s Day

It’s good to be intentional about your Mother’s Day celebrations. What suits your personal situation, and your family, will vary widely from one family to the next. I’ve gathered some ideas for you, no matter where you are in your journey with your mother. Feel free to pick and choose from this collection . . .

1. Call your mother on the phone, or Skype/Facetime

Obviously, getting in touch is the thing to do. But sending an SMS or email just doesn’t cut it, no matter where you are with your relationship. Heck, this is the woman who gave you LIFE! Go on – actually have a chat. It’s soooo much better than e-communication, no matter how many emojis you use. The one-on-one connection hearing each other’s voices, will build up and affirm, both you and her.

2. If your mother is still with us, pray a special blessing for her

Thank you God for my mother.
She brought me into the world, and I am grateful.
I pray you will bless her today in all she does.
I know she is not perfect, and I forgive her for the times she hurt me.
Give me an opportunity to express my love for her.
Let me enjoy the days I have remaining with her in my life.

3. Write a letter!

Sometimes it’s good to express deep-seated emotions in a hand-written letter. A letter like this does not have to be delivered, especially if it holds difficult angst. As well, if your mother is no longer here on earth, it’s a good way of expressing thoughts, ideas, love, regret and grief.

However, you may take this as a very positive opportunity to pour out your love and appreciation for your mother in a way you would not normally express. And those sorts of letters are eagerly received!

And if you are a mother yourself, another thought is to write a letter to each of your children, affirming them and their life choices. These notes will be treasured possessions for years to come.

4. Remind her of her powerful effect on your life

Celebrating Mother's Day

  5. Warm the cockles of her heart with something delicious

Eating food together is the traditional way to celebrate. But why not be creative and make it extra-special this year? From special dress-codes (formal; black and white; silly hats), to take-away at the beach, to good ol’ home made fare. Whatever you do, treat your mother to an experience to remember!

  • How about giving her breakfast in bed? Or making Sunday Dinner?
    Here are some ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day from Jamie Oliver.
  • You could also treat her out to a sumptuous meal!
    Dinner, afternoon tea, or a special outing. Go on, spoil her.

6. Read the Bible to her

Does this remind you of your mother? Celebrating Mother's DayYou can get hold of your free downloadable HERE >>> A Woman Of Noble Character

 7. Give her something special

  • Flowers are great for celebrating Mother’s Day, and you can send them almost anywhere in the world.
  • Do an online search for “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas”. You would be surprised at the number of lists that come up!

8. Watch a great movie

With or without your mother, watching a movie can be a soul-building experience. If you live miles apart, you could even arrange to watch it at the same time, with a phone or internet connection open so you can experience it together.

Then again, what about a mother-daughter girls-night-in this weekend? Or mother-son? Or, why not ask the whole jolly family!

Here are some suggestions:

1. Wonder

WONDER with Julia Roberts as Isabel: “Because I’m your Mum it counts the most because I know you the most.”

2. The Blind Side

THE BLIND SIDE with Sandra Bullock as Leigh Anne, “You threaten me, you threaten my son.”

4. Miracles from Heaven

MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN with Jennifer Garner as Christy, “I’m not leaving this hospital until I know what’s wrong with my daughter!”

5. Secret Life of Bees

SECRET LIFE OF BEES with Queen Latifah as August, “Some things in life, like the colour of a house, really don’t matter. But lifting someone’s heart? Now that matters.”

Not Long now!

Whatever you do this Mother’s Day, make a plan to honour, value and respect your mother. After all, she had YOU for a kid! What did she go through to love you day-in, day-out for years?

Oh, and don’t forget to grab the Mother’s Day downloadable!  A Woman of Noble Character

What are some of your special ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day? I’d love to know. Add them to the Comments box 🙂

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