Hello Lovely One . . .

This Treasuring Mothers blog is especially for you to read, listen to, and enjoy!

There are stories, tips, interviews, ideas and suggestions. Some will make you laugh. Others will bring tears. And sometimes you will wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

It’s going to be good

But whatever . . . It’s just good to have you here 🙂

This blog aims to treasure, affirm and love all mothers . . .

And it’s more than being about your mother, who’s special in her own way. It’s also for:

  • You, with children at home, right now.
  • You, with children who’ve left the nest.
  • And let’s not forget you, hoping to be a mother of the future.

Find out more about Treasuring Mothers by clicking here. And don’t miss out on the radio interviews either. There are a ton of them! Check them out by clicking here.

More recently I have begun a podcast, and am interviewing so many amazing mothers. Head to the podcast page here.

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As a mother, you are intelligent, busy, and a people-expert. It’s all about loving, living and learning.

So, make very moment count!

Loving You,
Jenny Sig

Your friend, Jenny Baxter xx

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