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As of June 1, 2018 there will no longer be Treasuring Mothers radio interviews heard on the Breakkie Show on Hobart’sĀ  ultra106five. Instead, we are working on a brand new Treasuring Mothers radio show and podcast, to be released mid-September 2018. Woohoo!

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Listen to Jenny’s past radio interviews, by clicking on the links below . . .

Reclaim Your HappyGet Your Happy Back, 25 May 2018



Being a good friendRelating to Adult Children, 18 May 2018



Celebrating Mother's DayMother’s Day Special, 11 May 2018




Treasure the moment - Choose FreedomHow to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 19 & 20), 4 May 2018 – Choose Freedom



Choose WisdomHow to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 17 & 18), 27 April 2018 – Choose Wisdom



Letting GoHow to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 15 & 16), 20 April 2018 – Letting Go



How to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 13 & 14), 13 April 2018 – Fun & Games



The BIG PictureHow to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 11 & 12), 6 April 2018
Looking forward | Looking Back



De-stress your lifeHow to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 9 & 10), 23 March 2018 – Response-able



Choose Good HealthHow to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 7 & 8), 16 March 2018 – Look After Yourself Joyfully!



How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 5 & 6) – International Women’s Day,
9 March 2018



Gather people around you

How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 3 & 4), 2 March 2018 – Look for Friends



Rock at being a Mother Part OneHow to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 1 & 2), 23 February 2018 – Love & Learning



The secret life of mothersThe Secret Life of Mothers, 16 February 2018



First Day of School BluesFirst Day of School Blues, 9 February 2018



Love Beyond Measure in BangladeshTreasuring Mothers in Bangladesh, 2 February 2018



LaughterLaughter is a Mother’s Life-Saver! 19 January 2018



Treasuring timeTreasuring Time, 12 January 2018



Walking Miracle

Walking Miracles, 5th January 2018



Mary had a Baby Christmas



Treasuring Mothers Cambodia



You are loved and not forgottenYou are loved and not forgotten



Work-Life Balance



Being thankfulThe Power of Being Thankful



It Happened to Me Peri-natal depressionIt Happened to Me: Peri-Natal Depression



Walking THROUGH the darkest of valleys



Angry GoodbyeHow to get Past an Angry Goodbye



Prepare for a new seasonPrepare for a New Season



Being PresentBeing Present



100 things to do during school vacationsTreasuring Holidays



The overwhelming nature of GRIEFGrief



Why you should write a Journal



Never Say NeverI’ll never do that to MY kids!



Prodigals and those who love themProdigals and those who love them



Keep Ahead of Your Health



Over-Protective, NurtureAre you Over-Protective?



Courage in difficult seasonsDifficult Seasons? There is Hope



Reclaim your dreamsReclaim Your Dreams



Choose freedom, teens and screensConflict, Teens and an Unexpected Answer to Prayer



ConnectingConnecting with Your Family as Adults



Freedom to Let your Children Go




Only the Lonely



Me-TimeFinding Me-Time



Motherhood is not a sprint. It is aMarathonHow a Mother Can Beat Overtiredness



Get your happy backTake Back Your Inner Happy



Family Estrangement

Facing Family Estrangement



Generational GapsGenerational Gaps: Because You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know



Life Skill GapsLife skill gaps



Communication with ChildrenAce your Communication with Children



A Father's Protective LoveA Father’s Protective Love



School transitions

Transition to School



Life skill gapsWhat to do about life skill gaps



Questions to Engage Your Introverted ChildrenGreat Questions to Engage Your Introverted Children



Trust Your Motherly Intuition



Beat TransitionHow to Manage Transition



Forgiving your parentsForgiving your parents



But WHYThe dreaded WHY? phase



Your Parents Most Important thingYour Parents’ Most Important Thing



Fresh perspectiveA Fresh Perspective on Impending Parenthood



Keeping Up AppearancesKeeping up Appearances



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