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Listen to Jenny’s breakkie show radio interviews (Series One), below . . .

As of June 1, 2018 Jenny Baxter ceased Treasuring Mothers radio interviews on the Breakkie Show on Hobart’s  ultra106five. The interviews are now archived below as Treasuring Mothers podcasts, Series One.

Series Two, the new Treasuring Mothers radio show and podcast, began in mid-September 2018. Instead of being interviewed, Jenny takes the chair and interviews many experts and friends about motherhood life.
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Reclaim Your HappyEp 69, Get Your Happy Back



Being a good friendEp 68, Relating to Adult Children



Celebrating Mother's DayEp 67, Mother’s Day Special




Treasure the moment - Choose FreedomEp 66, How to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 19 & 20)

Choose Freedom



Choose WisdomEp 65, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 17 & 18)

Choose Wisdom



Letting GoEp 64, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 15 & 16)

Letting Go



Ep 63, How to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 13 & 14)

Fun & Games



The BIG PictureEp 62, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 11 & 12)

Looking forward | Looking Back



De-stress your lifeEp 61, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 9 & 10)




Choose Good HealthEp 60, How to Rock and Being a Mother (Parts 7 & 8)

Look After Yourself Joyfully!



Ep 59, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 5 & 6)

International Women’s Day



Gather people around you

Ep 58, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 3 & 4)

Look for Friends



Rock at being a Mother Part OneEp 57, How to Rock at Being a Mother (Parts 1 & 2)

Love & Learning



The secret life of mothersEp 56, The Secret Life of Mothers



First Day of School BluesEp 55, First Day of School Blues



Love Beyond Measure in BangladeshEp 54, Treasuring Mothers in Bangladesh,



LaughterEp 53, Laughter is a Mother’s Life-Saver!



Treasuring timeEp 52, Treasuring Time



Walking Miracle

Ep 51, Walking Miracles



Ep 49, Mary had a BabyMary had a baby and she laid him in a manger



Ep 48, Treasuring Mothers Cambodia



You are loved and not forgottenEp 47, You are loved and not forgotten

It’s so tempting to feel as though it’s all hopeless.


Ep 46, Work-Life Balance



Being thankfulEp 45, The Power of Being Thankful



PANDA Week, Perinatal DepressionEp 44, It Happened to Me

Perinatal Depression


Life and DeathEp 43, Walking THROUGH the darkest of valleys

Talking about Life and Death


Regretting an angry goodbyeEp 42, How to get Past an Angry Goodbye



Prepare for a new seasonEp 41, Prepare for a New Season



Being PresentEp 40, Being Present



100 things to do during school vacationsEp 39, Treasuring Holidays



Ep 38, The overwhelming nature of GRIEFGrief



Ep 37, Why you should write a Journal



Never Say NeverEp 36, I’ll never do that to MY kids!



Prodigals and those who love themEp 35, Prodigals and those who love them



Look after yourself, self-care. Take care of youEp 34, Keep Ahead of Your Health



Over-Protective, NurtureEp 33, Are you Over-Protective?



Courage in difficult seasonsEp 32, Difficult Seasons? There is Hope



Reclaim your dreamsEp 31, Reclaim Your Dreams



Ep 30, Conflict, Teens and an Unexpected Answer to Prayer



ConnectingEp 29, Connecting with Your Family as Adults



Ep 28, Freedom to Let your Children Go




Ep 27, Only the Lonely



Me-TimeEp 23, Finding Me-Time



Motherhood is not a sprint. It is aMarathonEp 20, How a Mother Can Beat Overtiredness



Get your happy backEp 19, Take Back Your Inner Happy



Family Estrangement

Ep 17, Facing Family Estrangement



Generational GapsEp 16, Generational Gaps

Because You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know



Life skill gapsEp 15, What to do about life skill gaps



Communication with childrenEp 14, Ace your Communication with Children



Ep 12, Trust Your Motherly Intuition



A Father's Protective LoveEp 11, A Father’s Protective Love



Ep 10, My 16th Birthday (Coming soon)

Beat TransitionEp 9, How to Manage Transition



Forgiving your parentsEp 8, Forgiving your parents



But WHYEp 7, Help! My Kids Ask me too Many questions!

The Dreaded WHY? Phase



Ep 6, The Horrifying Dream (Coming soon)


Mary's Birth StoryEp 5, Mary Treasured These things in her Heart



Your Parents Most Important thingEp 4, Your Parents’ Most Important Thing



Fresh perspectiveEp 3, A Fresh Perspective on Impending Parenthood



Keeping Up AppearancesEp 2, Keeping up Appearances



Ep 1, Welcome to Treasuring Mothers – AN INTRODUCTION

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