October 2018 Update

Motherhood Reminder: End Each Day Well

Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateIn this Treasuring Mothers October 2018 Update:

You know when you have those really bad days? The days when everything goes pear-shaped from the moment you begin, to bedtime?

Those are the days when the anonymous quote (above) is such a great reminder. There’s nothing so redeeming after a long hard day, as taking time to stop, assess, and put the day to rest. With its ups, downs, woes and tiny triumphs to one side, you can breathe deeply, and get ready for the fresh NEW opportunities of tomorrow. There is always so much more.

WYou Are More, Susan Sohn; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 Updatehich is exactly the way writer, speaker and entrepreneur Susan Sohn describes how she does life in the podcast, “There is More”.
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Jody Sargison; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateThen there is our interview with Fitness and Well-Being expert Jody Sargison. She’s got some easy ways to get you moving. So good!
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Here’s a week-by-week run down of your new podcast:

Week 1

The cost of raising children; Alison Greenwood; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateAlison Greenwood explains the exorbitant cost of raising a child, and what you can do to cover your bases.
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Emily, Emily, Protect Kids from Porn; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateEmily Olivia provides critical info about how explain pornography to your children, and what to do when they see it (because, sadly, it WILL happen one day.)
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Week 2

Michelle Fletcher; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateMichelle Fletcher retells her Post Natal Depression experience. Oh my goodness, what a story!
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Kathleen Cooke and the iGeneration; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateKathleen Cooke, Hollywood media analyst, describes the impact the Internet is having on our children, and how to future-proof them.
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Week 3

Fiona Rowell-Dietician; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateFiona Rowell, the Treasuring Mothers’ dietician, explains one ingredient in your life that will make all the difference to everything. And it’s free.
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Jeantte Harris Corporate Mother; Treasuring Mothers October 2018 UpdateJeanette Harris tells her motherhood story, which in all seriousness, she thought would be as a corporate mother. But she discovered a few lessons along the way that you can learn from.
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It’s important to take time to reflect with grace and hope at the end of every day.

With love,
Jenny Baxter

Treasuring Mothers October 2018 Update




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