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This e-book helps you get your head around your “job description” as a mother. It’s an easy way to get some great ideas.

1. Precious investments

The first section of the book, Precious Investments, suggests it’s so easy to place your value and worth on the instant good feeling of monetary rewards. However, you already know that being a mother is not like that. There’s no money to be made from being a parent. Actually, it is more like a long-term investment. And there are rewards.

2. Let Your Heart Sing

The second section, Let Your Heart Sing, gives you some really helpful, and creative actions to embrace your motherhood lifestyle in a holistic and organized way. There are seven ways to simplify your life, giving you a new perspective on your family activities.

Both sections of the book provide resources and tips, to make all the difference as you move ahead into intentional motherhood. I look forward to sending you your copy.

One last thing as you connect:
Know you are loved and valued. Truly.

With hugs from your friend,

Jenny xx

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