Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 8 You Are More with Susan Sohn

You Are More with author, Susan Sohn

Susan Sohn is a media whizz, who is an internet radio host and social media personality.

Originally from Canada, Susan has lived in several countries and has assisted her family in their adjustment with each transition. Along the way she has learnt a lot about personal identity – today’s podcast topic.

The podcast today touches on Susan’s newly released book True You, Finding Beauty in Authenticity.  It’s a great title, but she would prefer it be called “You Are More”!

GUEST: Susan Sohn
Jenny Baxter

Susan wrote a guest blog for Treasuring Mothers which explains how to live a more authentic life, brokenness and all.

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Show Notes

You are More with Susan Sohn

During the interview Susan reminds listeners that:

  • You are more than the things that have happened to you.
  • You are more than the the words that have been spoken to you. (Treasuring Mothers has written about The Words We Use before. So it sounds like Susan Sohn is on the same wavelength!)
  • You are more than experiences you have had.
  • She says it is all about understanding your worth and value.
  • And it takes a lifetime to be on that journey and dig into it.

Susan lives a busy life, but spends a lot of time in quiet, and in meditation. She has found ways to press into that space in her everyday life. and it’s by doing simple exercises to create space in her schedule that she can tapo into the extra space to discover her “more”.

How is this possible for busy Mothers?

  1. Get up early, before the kids, to journal and meditate/pray.
  2. Night owls might prefer to stay up a little later to do the same.
  3. Go for a walk – with or without children – and consciously be aware of the world around you.
  4. Ask someone to take the kids for an hour, so you can have time to slow down, on your own.
  5. Use your journal to answer the questions: How could it be that I am more? What would I like to be more of?
  6. Make yourself a mini-spa: have the children cared for elsewhere, turn off your phone, run a bath with oils and light some candles, turn on reflective music (OK maybe you can have your phone :)). Choose to relax and enjoy the moment!
  7. Do you have any other ways you can tap into that meditative space? Give us some ideas in the Comments!