Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 66 Working on Your Motherhood Identity

Success Coach Lisa Stephenson joins Treasuring Mothers to explain how to get your head around your ever-evolving motherhood identity.

Lisa Stephenson, Motherhood identity
Author, Entrepreneur, Global Speaker and Life Coach Lisa Stephenson

Do you want to be a better mother, woman and all-round go-getter? Someone who can approach each new season with confidence and panache?

We all know the ups and downs of motherhood life can be so disconcerting. But if you follow the simple steps Lisa provides, you can get your head around how to grab hold of your motherhood identity and enjoy the coming season.

GUEST: Lisa Stephenson
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes

  • Our identity evolves changes all the time as a mother.
  • If we are OK and looking after ourselves well, then the rest of our world is OK.
  • We have so much access to information, but that can make us feel incompetent and unsure about our futures.
  • 3 Questions to ask yourself when wondering “Who Am I?”
    • Where have I been?
    • Where am I right now?
    • Who do I want to be?
  • Let’s give the mothers around us more compassion!
  • Share our experiences and stories with other mothers.
  • The collective wisdom and joy of women connecting and “sharing their truth” is really powerful.
  • Be specific about the women you bring into your tribe: those who hear you, and not judge you; those who understand you.
  • We’re doing the very best that we can, and sometimes stopping for a minute to think about who we have in our tribe seems to pass us by.
  • But it’s good to make the choice to talk to other mothers to break that sense of isolation.

First broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five, Working on Your Motherhood Identity was brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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