Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 19 The Unexpected Life of Empty-Nesters

The Unexpected Life of Empty-Nesters

The Unexpected Life of Empty Nesters, Michelle Fletcher
Michelle Fletcher is a social worker and regular guest on Treasuring Mothers. She is passionate about mothers and has some great insights about your motherhood life.

In today’s podcast, Social Worker Michelle Fletcher shares her experiences as a mother of adults.

She tells the story of making some unexpected adjustments as, one by one, her children left home.

The moment every mother looks forward to, when her children finally leave home, she does stop being on-call 24/7. But that doesn’t mean she stop being a mother!

Being a mother to adults living away from home creates its own set of challenges. That’s when mothers experience an unexpected life change.

Yep – you never stop being a mother!

GUEST: Michelle Fletcher
Jenny Baxter

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The Unexpected Life of Empty Nesters was made possible with the generous assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first heard on Hobart’s ultra106five.

The Unexpected Life of Empty Nesters