Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 11 Treasure Your Children: They Are Such Gifts

Treasure Your Children: They Are Such Gifts

Michelle Fletcher; Treasure your children
Michelle Fletcher is a social worker and regular guest on Treasuring mothers. She is passionate about mothers and has some great insights about your motherhood life.

In today’s podcast, Social Worker Michelle Fletcher reminds you, that no matter what happens, it is so important to treasure your children. Because the time you have which each one will never be repeated.

While it isn’t always an easy job, being a mother is one of the most rewarding jobs anyone can do. Michelle gives you the lowdown on the adventure of a lifetime.

GUEST: Michelle Fletcher
Jenny Baxter

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  • This interview is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five.

    Show Notes: Treasure Your Children

    Michelle’s Takeaways

    • When you start on the adventure of your child’s life, we often just see the cute baby. But really it’s about a long-term relationship.
    • What if you changed the way you think about motherhood? Because actually, we mothers are in the space of creating the next generation of amazing human beings.
    • Children are a special gift – not a chore. Instead, it’s about keeping lines of communication open, no matter what their age.
    • We’ve got to get our mind in the game. So, to treasure your children, make a project plan!
    • Each step of a child’s life is part of a journey. The current season is just a season, and it won’t last forever.
    • What if you delighted in your children for who they are, not for what they achieve?
    • If you are having a struggle treasuring your child, know that it’s never too late to fix the relationship with your child.
    • It’s important to reflect on your own childhood to help with reconciliation.
    • What we bring to our parenting (from the past) is really important.
    • Sometimes you have to take a step back to see what you need to do.
    • Sometimes all you can do is pray – because it’s not always something you can see for yourself.
    • Writing down all your angst and struggle in a journal can sometimes make all the difference.
    • Find a safe friend who you can talk to.