Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 77 How to Setup Your Family Routine

Does your family disintegrate into chaos at the first whiff of burnt toast? Maybe it’s time you set up a family routine! Michelle Fletcher explains exactly how to do it.

Family routines, Michelle Fletcher
Michelle Fletcher is interviewed regularly for the Treasuring Mothers podcast. She is a social worker, who talks about Family Matters.

Every family has their challenges. It’s totally normal to experience ups and downs, at every age and stage.

However mothers are in a unique position to help their family learn to work as a team as they do life.

Maybe it’s time to call a family meeting and sort out how to get better at just one thing, all together. What about “Getting out the door without a rush”? Or “Wash and stack dishes”? Or even, “Bedtime routine”!

Once you’ve got that down, then tackle another.

Before you know it, your team will be shooting goals they never even knew existed. High Five and Fist Bump!

GUEST: Nicki Jeffery
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Show Notes – Family Routines

When you have a family routine, you don’t even have to think about it. You just click into it. A routine will make your life so much easier!

Children need routines and a rhythm to their day. It gives them boundaries and consistency. And says, “Someone is in charge,” and, “Mum is not the slave here!”

If you set up a family team, then everyone is part of it and it teaches children how to be a citizen in their family. And therefore in the future, a good citizen as an adult.

The basic level: Structure, Consistency and Boundaries

Family routines include things like bedtimes, and mealtimes, so everyone knows what to do. It means that life is not so crazy. (Phew!)

All about jobs for your family team to do…

With smaller children you need to be aware of what they can manage. Make sure the jobs you give are age appropriate.

Remind them that they are part of the team, and “if you do your job it makes the team work better”.

Some jobs you just do. And some you get paid for. And some you get extra for: bonus jobs

All the jobs and tasks are listed, but routines are what you do when you are coming and going.

How to set up your family routine:

  • Know what you what and why – what your end goal is.
  • You need to set small and realistic goals – break it down into chunks.
  • You can’t expect it to be working perfectly by tomorrow.
  • Break it down into measurable goals
  • Tell your partner!
  • Communicate the vision because, without a vision the people perish.
  • Get the troops to buy into the plan – we are TEAM FLETCHER!
  • Overtly teach them what they need to do, The younger the children are, the more you need to be explicit. Short sentences and more pictures.
  • Make sure all the equipment needed is available so the family can be successful in achieving the goal.
  • Try it out, and get them involved in the process by reviewing the routine after an agreed time period, and get their feedback at a family meeting.
  • Get rid of anything that is clearly not working. (Pick your battles!)
  • Give praise, praise, praise, for everything that works.
  • Reward and reward. Tiny little rewards are good. Space them out and be irregular.

Things to remember with your family routine:

  • Find out what they want to save up for, and sow into their vision by giving them money towards it.
  • Be creative with jobs. Maybe, “Give your mother a hug.” Or “Watch an hour of TV.” Anything to build up the family!
  • If you want your family BE a team, then you need to ACT like a team.

This podcast with Michelle Fletcher is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five.

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