Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 67 A Secure Financial Future for Your Family

The Treasuring Mothers finance expert, Alison Greenwood, gives ideas for families with children. Because it’s important to secure a strong financial future.

Set up a Secure Financial Future with Children Alison Greenwood, Treasuring Mothers finance expert
Alison Greenwood is the Treasuring Mothers finance expert

With your home loan ticking over, it’s good to re-assess your finances to cover all possible options. Even the awful ones.

Have a listen to find out what Alison recommends you do, or adjust. By preparing well, you can have the best possible outcomes, even if disaster strikes your family.

Because, if you don’t secure your financial future, no one else will!

GUEST: Alison Greenwood
HOST: Jenny Baxter

CLICK HERE >>> to listen to the previous episode. Alison talks about buying a home, creating a budget, and managing credit card debt

Show Notes: Secure Your Financial Future

  • Make sure you prepare for your children’s education! Take care to ease the burden for your family in the future. By planning ahead for private school fees, you win.
  • Do you have a Will? If not, make sure you secure the financial future of your children in case the worst happens.
    • Make decisions so your kids receive care, even if something happens to you and your partner.
  • What about your Insurances?
    • Alison advises you to use the insurances offered by your super fund.
  • For a secure retirement it’s good to revisit your super.
    • Are you paying enough into your fund?
    • As well, you can minimise the amount of tax you pay by salary-sacrificing to your super fund.

Secure Your Financial Future is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five.

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