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Treasuring Mothers
Ep 33 Food for School Lunch Boxes

Food for School Lunch Boxes

Fiona Rowell, Food for School Lunch Boxes
Fiona Rowell is the Treasuring Mothers dietician

As the school year begins in Australia, it’s time to think again about creative ways to provide nutritious food for children in school. But the same can be said of adults’ lunches being packed and sent off to work.

Instead of the same-old lunch box routine, maybe this is the year to start with something new and fresh? Going for pre-packaged sweet treats is so last year!

She answers questions such as how to keep lunch boxes cool. Also, there are some great creative ways to get your kids involved in packing their lunch. And how to jazz up some of the classic lunch box servings so they get enjoyable food at school, every day.

Fiona has some easy, cheap and manageable lunchbox ideas for you in this episode of Treasuring Mothers.

All in all, this is great episode top listen to!

GUEST: Fiona Rowell
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Food for School lunch boxes