Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 34 The Scattered Generation

The Scattered Generation: Millennials and the Internet with Hollywood media analyst, Kathleen Cooke

Kathleen Cooke and the Scattered Generation
Kathleen Cooke is more than just a media analyst from Hollywood. She is also an actor, producer and author. Her most recent book is Hope4Today – Staying Connected to God in a Distracted Culture.

This week’s guest, Kathleen Cooke, describes the millennials of this generation as the “digital nomads” of our age, or the “scattered generation”.

As mothers we need to know how to prepare our kids for this new internet era. But you will need to do some research when you didn’t grow up with a phone or iPad in your hands!

Kathleen answers some of your questions by giving a glimpse into the future to help you know what to expect, and what to consider as you teach your children live with freedom.

Check the show notes, below, for information about the book Kathleen quotes from in this episode.

GUEST: Kathleen Cooke
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes, Episode 34

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The Scattered Generation