Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 52: Sallie Hammond Tackles a Mother's Isolation

How to Relieve a Mother’s Isolation

A Mother's Isolation with Sallie Hammond
Sallie Hammond is a parent educator who wrote
The Families Course

“We don’t do well when have no connection with other people.”

Sallie Hammond

It’s easy to think you see people on social media all the time. But did you realise mental health problems are often worse because of Instagram, Facebook and other social media?

Personal contact and feedback from other people is so important to maintain your own physical and mental health. And it really helps reduce that sense of isolation.

Listen to Sallie as she explains what to do if you are isolated.

GUEST: Sallie Hammond
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Sallie Hammond also talked about her experiences as a young mum-of-four with a big trip around Australia. On a bus! Listen to the podcast >>>

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A Mother’s Isolation

Not Sally or Sally Hammond, but Sallie Hammond.