Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 54: Return to Work? Great Tips for Transitioning Mothers

Advice for Mothers as they return to work. Or perhaps not?

Lisa Stephenson, Return to work. Tips for mothers transitioning back to work

Lisa Stephenson is the author of Read Me First, which draws on her experience as a leadership consultant and success coach.

It’s a dilemma isn’t it! How do you decide when it’s time to return to work … Or to remain a stay-at-home-mum?

Or, if already working, how do you assess if it’s right to keep on going at the same pace? It’s important to count the cost to you and your family – and the benefits.

Lisa Stephenson has got some great ways to get your head around these issues, and relieve you of working-mum guilt! Thank goodness.

GUEST:Lisa Stephenson
HOST:Jenny Baxter

Managing school holiday breaks is an issue for all working mothers.
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Return to Work? Great Tips for Transitioning Mothers

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