Raising Awareness of Life Skill Gaps

Raising awareness of life skill gaps

Have you ever noticed you don’t know how to do something, but somehow, everyone else can? Skills like knitting, having a good conversation, or simply baking a cake.

Simple “life skill gaps”, can really deplete your self-confidence. But often, it’s not even your fault!

Life skills, are almost always passed on to children by parents. It’s one of those assumed parenting responsibilities that no one talks about. However what if, through no fault of their own, your parents didn’t even know?

So if your mother didn’t know how to knit. Or start a good conversation. Or bake a cake, then how could she pass those skills on?

And what does that mean for our children?

Listen to Jenny talk about her life skill gaps with Scottie Haas on Hobart’s ultra106five. (Actually, he has some gaps too!)

HOST: Scottie Haas
GUEST: Jenny Baxter

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