Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 85 Quick Food for Stressful Times

A short-list of quick, healthy meals is a must for every family. Today, dietician Fiona Rowell talks about choosing well and keeping a healthy eating schedule when under stress.

Fiona Rowell, Quick meals for stressful times
Fiona Rowell is the Treasuring Mothers dietician.

First of all I’d love to say a huge “welcome back” to Fiona, who has recently returned to work after a long period of illness. It’s great to have you back Fiona! 

Today’s topic is one that I imagine would be very close to Fiona’s heart, how do you make quick healthy meals and feed your family healthily when life is thrown into turmoil?

We all go through stressful times, some are just short bursts.But others are prolonged periods of stress. So it’s all the more important at these times that the meal choices we make give us the nutrition we need.

What food do you choose when you need to grab something quickly?

GUEST: Fiona Rowell
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes: Ep 85 Quick Food for Stressful Times

  • Stress is a normal part of life for many families, juggling work and family commitments as well as anything else that comes along. 
  • Use meal times as a time to stop and rest, three times a day. Not only will it help you digest your food better, but it will help you calm down during busy periods. 
  • In stressful times, such as having a child in hospital or the bushfires that went through southern Tasmania earlier this year, it’s important to make the time to stop and eat a healthy meal where you can. If you don’t do this you’re more likely to graze on unhealthy snacks, or go for long periods of time without eating, which puts your body under more stress. 
  • Even with quick meals you can choose food from the major food groups. Start with a protein–milk, cheese, fish, chicken, legumes, nuts, beans. Add some carbohydrates for energy–put it in a sandwich, on toast, have a bowl of cereal. Third, add some colour. Fruit and veggies give us the fibre we need in our diet, and help us feel satisfied for longer. Take the time to cut up an apple, or peel an orange in season, and eat section by section. Take the time to enjoy your food. 
  • In times of extreme emergency–such as you’ve got a sick child in hospital and you’ve run home to grab some clothes, use these same rules as a guideline. Grab some toast and peanut butter (carbs and protein), or crackers and cheese. Take in some tins of baked beans (legumes–protein), tins of tuna, a few pieces of fruit. Grab a milky coffee, a latte or cappuccino. The milk is extra protein, and will help fill you up. 
  • By all means grab some chocolate, but remember that it’s a dessert, not the main meal. Make sure you eat something healthy first, so you don’t fill up on chocolate. 
  • When you’re under stress, remember to look after yourself. You can’t look after the rest of your family when you’re not looking after yourself. If you need to, ask friends or family for help. And remember to stop and pray, ask God to give you the strength to keep going. 

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