Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 62 You and Your Child: Purpose and Destiny

In this episode, Social Worker Michelle Fletcher reflects on the miraculous design of your children, and the way they were knit together with both purpose and destiny.

Purpose and destiny, Psalm 139, Knit me together
Michelle Fletcher is interviewed regularly for the Treasuring Mothers podcast. She is a social worker, who talks about Family Matters.

Every individual is unique. Even more, in the womb, everyone is lovingly crafted before birth, carefully fashioned together. And Michelle Fletcher is in awe of how that happens.

As well, her ideas will change the way you think about your children!

So for her, this understanding can make a difference to the way she approaches every child she meets. “What is her purpose?” she wonders. “What is his destiny?”

During the interview, Michelle often refers to her favorite psalm, Psalm 139. You can read it here >>>

GUEST: Nicki Jeffery
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Psalm 139, Purpose, destiny, Knit me together
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Show Notes

Knit Me Together with Purpose and Destiny

  • Psalm 139:13-16 speaks of your purpose and destiny, even if you do not realize it.
  • It’s easy to see what’s on the outside of a person, but it’s good to ask, “What is this person’s purpose and destiny?” Especially ask this question when thinking about your child.
  • So, what’s is the diamond within this person that it is your job to find?
  • Instead of looking at the problems in a child, take a step back and see what the big picture is
  • Don’t spend all your time in “the moment” but think about the purpose and destiny for a lifetime.
  • You knitted me together in my mother;s womb – you are a co-creator with God in the life of your children. How amazing is that!
  • Your children are a gift, and so it is important to hold them lightly.
  • The adolescent years do not have to be a nightmare. Those years can be a journey.
  • We don’t tend to think long-term anymore! More often than not, we think in short bites. But often, good (or not so good) things happen in even longer than a lifetime.
  • Gifting in one generation has an effect on the next and the next. It’s the same with trauma, which can carry over into subsequent generations.
  • By the time your child is born, purpose and destiny is set. It’s so important to keep remembering that, and to live from that perspective!

First broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five, this interview was brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

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Miraculously Knit Together with Purpose and Destiny