Protecting our Children’s Innocence

Kathleen Cooke and the Scattered Generation
Kathleen Cooke is more than just a media analyst from Hollywood. She’s also an actor, producer and author.

In her research, Kathleen Cooke comes across some very valuable resources. So see below for book details to help with protecting our children’s innocence.

During the interview, Kathleen also explains some useful tips to keep your children safe.

GUEST: Kathleen Cooke, author of Hope4Today, and co-founder of the Influence Lab
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Show Notes

Tip # 1. Detective Obbema encourages parents to be vigilant at all times. In the US*, 93% of child sexual abuse is perpetrated by people known to the victims. Also, 68% of perpetrators are family members. (In Australia*, the figures are not quite so high. That is, 60% and 26% respectively.)

Tip #2. Fear is what keeps kids silent. So this tip is to create time for kids to discuss these topics. While they can be awkward conversations, they might be what makes all the difference.

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