Prepare a Good Will, Part Two

Alison Greenwood; Prepare a good will
Alison Greenwood is the Treasuring Mothers finance expert

Alison Greenwood continues her chat with Jenny about why and how to prepare a good will.

She explains some worst-case scenarios that she has helped people with, and her advice is to not even go there. Why would you, when you can make a plan to change difficult outcomes for your children during a time of tragedy? Because, the whole idea around preparing a good will is to relieve even more suffering for your children.

You could buy a will kit HERE >>> But Alison wonders why you would do that because, with kids in the mix, you won’t want a cookie-cutter solution.

Don’t forget that the rules change slightly in each Australian state and territory.

GUEST: Alison Greenwood
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Prepare a good will