Catherine Sylvester; Difficult Road to Motherhood
Catherine Sylvester is a multi-talented media chick with dual Kiwi/Aussie citizenship. It’s great to welcome her to Treasuring Mothers to talk about something very close to all our hearts, and often held very close to our chests.

Reflecting on the Difficult Road to Motherhood

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. That means it’s a good time to reflect on the difficult road many women experience to motherhood. So we chatted to New Zealand actor and media personality Catherine Sylvester. And she’s very open about her difficult road to motherhood.

It’s in telling stories like this that we hear the heart of suffering and emotional distress that so many of us hold, but rarely express. Hopefully, in hearing Catherine’s story you will understand some of the grief women everywhere experience. And know what to say next time you talk to someone who has lost a baby too soon.

Read Catherine’s guest blog about her motherhood journey >>>

GUEST: Catherine Sylvester
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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With Catherine Sylvester.