Michelle Fletcher tells her motherhood journey
Michelle Fletcher is passionate about mothers, with many huge and helpful insights. As a social worker, Michelle is a regular guest on Treasuring Mothers.

Michelle Fletcher tells her Motherhood Journey, Part Two

When Michelle was a first time mother she had a big wake-up call when she realized that while she thought she knew everything, really she didn’t! That struggle to get her head around motherhood is the topic of today’s discussion on Treasuring Mothers as Michelle Fletcher tells her motherhood journey Part Two.

Because Michelle’s mother lived overseas, she had to find another source of information elsewhere. In the end, it became her (old school) infant welfare nurse. It was at times a very difficult road, which ended up with Michelle sobbing her heart out in the middle of the night.

Listen to find out what happened.


GUEST: Michelle Fletcher
Jenny Baxter

Show Notes for this Podcast as Michelle Fletcher tells her motherhood journey Part Two

  • Once upon a time, a motherhood was a team effort. But no longer!
  • This is an overwhelming journey to take on your own.
  • It really does take a village to raise a child. But we forget, and expect to do it on our own.
  • While it’s easy to try and be the superwoman, trusting God in those moments is sometimes necessary. HELP!
  • Once Michelle got to the end of herself, and began to trust, things began to come together.
  • That  course of action is sooo opposite to what you think or feel.
  • Michelle feels your pain. And understands what the journey can be like.

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Michelle Fletcher tells her Motherhood Journey Part Two