#MeToo with Kathleen Cooke, Hollywood media analyst, describes the impact the Internet is having on our children, and how to future-proof them. Listen and read blog HERE  data-recalc-dims=
>>” width=”200″ height=”200″> Kathleen Cooke is co-founder of Cooke Pictures, and inspires women via her non-profit organization, The Influence Lab. Listen to her consider what’s happened since the very start of the #MeToo movement.

#MeToo with Kathleen Cooke

In this podcast, Hollywood media analyst Kathleen Cooke explains why this current #MeToo movement is happening. Thankfully, Mothers can prepare their children for this age old problem, she suggests.

It’s crazy! You just have to think of Bible stories such as David and Bathsheba, and Samson and Delilah, to realize men and women have used sex and “love” to take power over each other for centuries. As well, Kathleen mentions commonly read fairy tales for their scary themes. Oh yes! We mothers have to keep on our toes!

This is Part One of the interview about #MeToo with Kathleen Cooke. Part Two continues this important discussion. You can subscribe below to listen.

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GUEST: Kathleen Cooke, author of Hope4Today
HOSTED BY: Jenny Baxter

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