The #MeToo Movement Part Two, Kathleen Cooke, 4WordWomen
Kathleen Cooke is co-founder of Cooke Pictures, and inspires women via her non-profit organization, The Influence Lab. Listen to her explain what #MeToo all boils down to, and what we can do about it.

The #MeToo Movement, Part Two with Kathleen Cooke

In this podcast, Hollywood media analyst Kathleen Cooke explains more about how to approach the #MeToo movement. There are some definite actions you can take, and teach your children, so you (and they) have tools to avoid dangerous outcomes. Her suggestions may surprise you.

This is Part Two of the interview about the #MeToo movement with Kathleen Cooke. Listen to Part One >>>

In addition, you can check out the blog of this interview: A Chat about #MeToo with Kathleen Cooke >>> (Coming next week)

GUEST: Kathleen Cooke, author of Hope4Today
HOSTED BY: Jenny Baxter

In a previously published podcast, Kathleen was interviewed by Treasuring Mothers about how mothers can brief their iGen children in this Internet era. CLICK HERE to find out more >>>

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