Margaret Stunt; Growing up with a mentally ill mother
Margaret Stunt is the author of Healed and Whole, and oversees Unlocking Ministries

Margaret Stunt tells about her life with a mentally ill mother. And how, years later, they reconciled. This is a story of healing and wholeness.

As a British author and speaker, Margaret travels the globe telling about the strife she suffered as a young girl, growing up with a mentally ill mother. Of course, those experiences should have been a recipe for disaster, overshadowing Margaret’s whole life. Instead she is healed, whole and living a life of freedom, purpose and fulfillment.

How did this dramatic change happen? Have a listen to Margaret explain her story, with sordid details of abuse and brothels. And her unexpected turn-around on the beach one day.

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GUEST: Margaret Stunt
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Life with a mentally ill mother and how that turned around, with Margaret Stunt