Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 36 Growing Up with a Mentally Ill Mother
Margaret Stunt; Growing up with a mentally ill mother
Margaret Stunt is the author of Healed and Whole, and oversees Unlocking Ministries

Margaret Stunt tells about her life with a mentally ill mother. And how, years later, they reconciled. This is a story of healing and wholeness.

Margaret Stunt, British author and speaker explains how God redeemed not just her own life after her horrific beginnings, but also others in her family, and amazingly, her marriage.

Margaret travels the globe telling about the strife she suffered as a young girl, growing up with a mentally ill mother. Of course, those experiences should have been a recipe for disaster, overshadowing Margaret’s whole life. Instead she is healed, whole and living a life of freedom, purpose and fulfillment.

How did this dramatic change happen? Have a listen to Margaret explain her story, with sordid details of abuse and brothels. And her unexpected turn-around on the beach one day.

GUEST: Margaret Stunt
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Life with a mentally ill mother and how that turned around, with Margaret Stunt