Courage, Strength and Widowhood, Part Two

Couage, Strength and Widowhood, Melisssa Lubke
Melissa Lubke

Melissa Lubke continues talking to Jenny about how she and her family managed after the tragic death of her husband, Andrew.

Lone parents face many challenges, as we all know. So in this interview, Melissa explains what she discovered in her new, and unexpected, life as a single mother.

Melissa’s story is an overwhelming testament to the ability of normal people to keep on going through dark times. So you can be encouraged! You can learn to trust yourself, the community you’re in, and God’s great goodness when things get tough.

GUEST: Melissa Lubke
Melissa’s website tells her story, and how she uses art to help heal her grief.
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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Strength and Widowhood Part Two