Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 18 How to Manage a Good Family-Work Rhythm

How to manage Family-Work Rhythm, with Melissa Lipsett

Melissa Lipsett; Managing Family-Work Rhythm
With Peter, her airline pilot husband, Melissa Lipsett is the COO of the Bible Society Australia

As Chief Operating Officer of the Bible Society, Melissa is in a high-power job. Therefore, she carries great responsibility as a leader. But she also runs a home, and has a family life. So the question is, how has she done that? Is this a recipe for a terrible work-life balance scenario?

Well, no. Because, among other things, Melissa says it’s all about managing a family-work rhythm.

Which is cool, because lucky for us Melissa has thought a lot about the relationship between women, and their leadership capacity. She discusses some interesting questions. Such as, why don’t we put ourselves forward? Also, what’s stopping us from taking on greater responsibility? Perhaps there are questions of risk? And, how can we make sure the number of women leadership increases in the future?

All these insights are discussed, and more, by Melissa in this thought-provoking interview, all about managing a good family-work rhythm. Plus, she says, it’s not about work-life balance!

GUEST: Melissa Lipsett
Jenny Baxter

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