Jody Sargison explains Family Fitness
Jody Sargison is the Treasuring Mothers Fitness and Well-Being expert

Jody Sargison Family Fitness with Older Kids

It’s often quite a challenge to motivate older children and teens to get fit! As Jody Sargison explains family fitness for older kids in this second part of the podcast, be prepared to hear some new and creative ideas.  And the added bonus is that you can join in too!

Part Two of the interview with Jody, tackles the challenge of helping older children enjoy getting fit with you. Whereas Part One of this podcast is focused on very young children. 

GUEST: Jody Sargison
HOSTED BY: Jenny Baxter

Your Show Notes: The challenge of involving older children in family fitness

  • In her school classes, students are encouraged by Jody to help their families get fit.
  • The battle with the screen is a big issue, so why not use a fitness program on DVD or tablet?
  • Make it fun for all ages. (The implication is: if it’s not fun, they probably won’t do it.)
  • Make it so the child has buy-in. (Get them making choices and decisions about the program)
  • Please explore: Boot camps and gyms that are child and family friendly.

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Jody Sargison explains family fitness