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Treasuring Mothers
Ep 94 Being Real with Jo Bouris on "Be That"

Jo Bouris is a wife, mum of three, and self-confessed coffee snob who has been working in radio and television for the past 15 years on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Sydney. She’s also the host of the ACC TV talk show, “Be That”. She talks to Jenny Baxter about the concept behind the show, and some of the deeper issues we all face as mums.

Jo Bouris, host of the show "Be That"
Jo Bouris, host of “Be That”

The concept of “Be That”–which recently finished its second season–is to create connection, conversation and change. It aims to bring up life topics that you generally don’t talk about to girlfriends about over coffee, but we generally all face. It’s about sharing “the real stories of individuals who have journeyed through those hardships to find freedom.” It began around discussions of Be That Woman, and has progressed into other areas including Be That Man, Be That Marriage and Be That Family.

Jo Bouris
Jenny Baxter

Being Real with Jo Bouris is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five radio.

Show Notes – Being Real with Jo Bouris on “Be That”

  • Jo loves being real, and having deep conversations in the public space, encouraging other women that they’re not alone.
  • In each episode Jo is joined by a clinical psychologist and two guest panelists to discuss a particular topic. Viewers can then download topics for further discussion after each episode.
  • Underneath the beautiful persona we often don’t address the real stuff. Social media doesn’t help the pressure to be a “perfect mum”.
  • Comparison is one of the biggest issues women face these days, especially with social media. It’s important for us to know what our own strengths are. We’re also giving so much to our families, but we’re not superwomen.
  • Jo has learned the hard way that she needs to fill her soul and spirit; a hard season of early parenthood led to anxiety and panic attacks. She suffered great fear and anxiety about the future, not being able to keep them safe, something she had to work through continually. She quotes Psalm 55:22 “Leave all your care to the fear of the Lord and His grace will strengthen you” (Jo’s paraphrase). It’s a beautiful reminder for us to hand over to God those day-to-day cares, and allow Him to sustain us.

Leave all your cares and anxieties
at the feet of the Lord,
and measureless grace will strengthen you.

Psalm 55:22 (TPT)

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