Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 56 Jeanette Harris: Supporting an Unplanned Pregnancy

In today’s podcast, Jeanette Harris explains why she works for Emily’s Voice. Her daily work brief is quite a stirring one. Because she helps people fall in love with their unborn baby. Especially when they are facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Jeantte Harris, Unplanned pregnancy
Jeanette Harris is the Marketing Manager for Emily’s Voice

As a not-for-profit, Emily’s Voice describe themselves as a “Movement for Life”. They bring hope to women who are making a BIG decision. And often, it’s a future which comes with unknown outcomes.

Jeanette hopes to encourage women when they have an unplanned pregnancy, and are not sure what to do about it.

Below, you can watch a real life story. It’s an example of the type of video Jeanette produces.

During this podcast, Jeanette reveals some facts which are often missing from chats about pregnancy and abortion.

GUEST: Jeanette Harris
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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How to Manage an Unplanned Pregnancy with Jeanette Harris