Jeanette Harris
Jeanette Harris is the Marketing Manager for Emily’s Voice, which exists to help Australians fall in love with the unborn, and encourage and support women facing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy.

The Tale of the Corporate Mother

Jeanette Harris tried hard to be the corporate mother. It was just how she expected life to turn out. But the reality was quite different.

Born in the UK, Jeanette and her husband Stu moved to Australia soon after marrying. But unexpectedly, life was never quite the same once they had children. And you know what? The rewards are so great, she’s never regretted it for a moment!

Listen to Jeanette’s epiphany, and how she made the unexpected transition from full-time working mother, to something else quite different.

GUEST: Jeanette Harris
HOST: Jenny Baxter

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