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Each TREASURING MOTHERS radio show features one of our regular guests, plus a special guest. Read more about our guests by scrolling down.

Listen to Treasuring Mothers in Hobart each week on ultra106five radio.

Treasuring Mothers airs at the following times.

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  • 2:30pm AEST Wednesday
  • 9:30am AEST Saturday (First repeat show)
  • 8:00pm AEST Monday (Second repeat show)

Or you can listen to the podcast using the links, below:


  1. Fiona Rowell – Family Mealtimes Madness

    Fiona explains the latest startling findings about eating together as a family.
    (This interview can also be heard using the audio player above.) Fiona Rowell, Treasuring Mothers Dietician, Why you need to eat more protein

  2. Xenia Schembri – Staying Childsafe

    How to keep your kids safe from unwelcome advances from adults.

    Xenia Schembri, Brave Little Bear, Childsafe


Regular Guests

During the show, Jenny Baxter conducts two interviews: The first interview is with one of her regular guests. They talk about the many aspects of family life which concern mothers:
Alison Greenwood, Finance.
Jody Sargison, Health and Well-being.
Fiona Rowell, Food and Diet.
Michelle Fletcher, Family Matters.

Special Guests

The second interview is with a special guest, and Jenny selects these people because they have a particular story to tell. Or, maybe they have good insight to help mothers do their job.

Many of the chats are too long for the short radio format. However, full versions are available as podcasts on the Treasuring Mothers website.

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