Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 70 The Heart-Bursting Miracle: Love Multiplies!

Lisa McInnes-Smith reveals the unexpected miracle when increasing your family. How does your heart an embrace yet another child? It’s because love multiplies.

:isa McInnes-Smith; Love Multiplies
Internationally renowned speaker Lisa McInnes-Smith

Lisa has an unexpected story of increase, as she explains how she suddenly ended up with a 16-year old daughter in her family.

But rather than a disaster, she discovered a new horizon she had always been looking for. Not only that, but instead of discovering she didn’t have enough room in her life for one more child, to her amazement, it was unexpectedly easy.

She says it was as if her capacity for love multiplied.

GUEST: Lisa McInnes-Smith
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Love Multiplies is brought to you with the assistance of the Community Broadcasting Foundation. It was first broadcast on Hobart’s ultra106five radio.

Show Notes – Love multiplies

  • You do have capacity to love more than just the children with you right now. Love truly does multiply.
  • With unexpected extras in your family you come to realize that there is another plan, and there is another life to influence and nurture
  • Your attitude is important here – there is no room for martyrs. You are taking on a privilege. Don’t forget we are talking about a child’s life.
  • An unexpected increase can happen when you are taking on additional children due to a family emergency, if you choose fostering, or become a host family to a student.
  • Foster parents see it as a wonderful privilege to love and influence another human being.
  • Often, people are damaged in the long-term when they not included as part of the family. So your love and acceptance is critical.
  • Allow new people in your care be part of the family routine, and ensure they have a role to play.

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Love Multiplies