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Treasuring Mothers
Ep 102 Happy Married Life with Jo Bouris

Married life, as most married couples will attest, can be a hard slog at times. Yes, marriage is the most wonderful thing, and it seems to be the thing that we all aspire to, but it isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Jo Bouris, happy married life
Jo Bouris is the host of ACC TV show, “Be That”

Our guest today, Jo Bouris, is the host of “Be That” (hear Jo speak about the show here), talks about some of the things she and her husband have done to help ensure their marriage stays strong for the long haul.

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GUEST: Jo Bouris
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Happy Married Life with Jo Bouris was made possible with the generous support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Show Notes – Happy Married Life with Jo Bouris

  • Jo and her husband have three kids, ages 10, 8 and 5. With both Jo and her husband working, life can be pretty chaotic, and very, very busy. They make it work (especially with Jo on breakfast radio) by allocating morning jobs and school drop-off to Jo’s husband before he goes to work, while Jo starts early, and is free to pick up the kids at the end of the day.
  • Jo had to learn to release her husband in this role. He often doesn’t do things the way she’d do them, and she’s had to learn to relinquish control here. The powerful up-side to this life-choice is that the kids have a fantastic relationship with their dad because of all the time they spend together.
  • When people put their kids before their relationship with each other it can cause problems in their marriage.
  • They have date nights. Marriage is their number one priority–want to be best friends at the end of everything. Babysitters not always possible, but they’d set up the candles and have a romantic dinner at home.
  • Marriage isn’t an easy journey, they’ve been through some hard seasons. Jo and her husband have made a decision that divorce isn’t an option, which forces them to work on their issues, and work together towards a healthy relationship.
  • Jo recognises that in some cases–such as people living with domestic violence or other abuse–the no-divorce policy is neither healthy nor possible. However, for everyday marriages it’s a powerful and positive choice that gives the whole family a feeling of security.

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