Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 73 Being a GREAT Mother-in-Law with a Grand-Baby

Infant Welfare nurse Jan Murray gives some tips to help you be a great mother-in-law when there’s a new baby around. How can you create harmony with your daughter-in-law?

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Mothers-in-law often get a bad rap. That’s why lots of people use the term “in-love” instead of “in-law”. It sounds much better doesn’t it: daughter-in-love and mother-in-love are much more life-affirming terms.

So how can you be a really great mother-in-law when your son and daughter-in-law add a new family member? In this podcast, Jan explains how to get your mother-in-love mojo on!

There are so many great mothers-in-law around. Let’s celebrate them and all the ways they can make a family unit work together in a positive way.

GUEST: Jan Murray
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Jan Murray is this week’s guest blogger:

How to be a Mother-in-Law Legend >>>

Show Notes – Be a Great Mother-in-Law

  • Be sensitive to the relationship your daughter-in-law has with her mother.
  • You can be a great support person! Perhaps offer baby-sitting so your son and daughter-in-law can go for a date night.
  • In the moment you want to be helpful.
  • You want to be there for them all the way through.
  • It is to forget how hard those early days of motherhood are.
  • It’s important to be there with them, even if you don’t have a lot to do with the baby – maybe offer to do the dishes or sweep the floor.
  • Keep on communicating and be open, even when it’s difficult.
  • Grandmothers can pray! If you can be that prayerful support and backup, then you are doing something only grandmothers can do: loving your grandchildren beyond the everyday.

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Being a Great Mother-in-Law with a Grand-Baby