Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 61 Grandmas CAN Help Daughters with Newborns

Infant welfare nurse Jan Murray explains how new grandmas can best help their daughters – new mothers of newborns.

Jan Murray is a midwife and infant welfare nurse.

It’s an interesting conundrum isn’t it? As a new grandma, how do you sensitively and helpfully assist your daughter as she enters the motherhood world?

Every mother-daughter relationship is different. And so is every newborn. Not to mention how different the world is compared with when you were a new mother.

Have a listen to hear some great ideas. You can confidently, and sensitively, provide hope and help to your daughter, now that she too is a mother.

Jan Murray gives some helpful perspective for all new grandmas!

GUEST: Jan Murray
HOST: Jenny Baxter

Show notes: Guest Blog for Grandmas

Jan is this week’s guest blogger for Treasuring Mothers. She gives a helpful run-down of everything in her podcast interview. Read her post about Helping Mothers and Newborns HERE >>>

Podcasts with Infant Welfare Nurse Jan Murray

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Grandmas Helping Mothers with Newborns