The grand adventure with Sallie Hammond
Sallie Hammond is a parent educator and author. She heads up the Families Course which gives parents the tools they need to nurture and grow their families well.

The Grand Adventure with Sallie Hammond

A trip around Australia on a custom-made bus!

Sallie and her husband Dave set off on the trip of a lifetime with their two little girls, and 4-month-old twins. Oh my goodness! What was she thinking?

In this podcast, Sallie introduces herself and her family. And explains the motivation behind leaving friends and family for a year to do youth work on the go.

The big learning challenges for Sallie are discussed in Part Two of the interview.

During the podcast Sallie refers to the work of Fusion, an international Christian Youth and Community organization that began in Australia over 50 years ago.

GUEST: Sallie Hammond
Jenny Baxter

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The Grand Adventure with Sallie Hammond

Not Sally or Sally Hammond, but Sallie Hammond.