Treasuring Mothers
Treasuring Mothers
Ep 27 The First Christmas Family

The First Christmas Family with Michelle Fletcher

The First Christmas with Michelle Fletcher
Michelle Fletcher is interviewed regularly for the Treasuring Mothers podcast. She is a social worker, who talks about Family Matters.

A long journey will often start a new life in another place. And that’s what happened to Mary and Joseph. We make it sound as pretty as a picture, every Christmas. But it wasn’t all snow and starry skies for the young couple.

Hear about the scope of their problems in this eye-opening interview about the first Christmas family, from a social worker’s perspective:

  • Teenage mother
  • Long trip overland during 3rd trimester
  • No home
  • No food
  • Inexperienced parents
  • No extended family to help
  • Unsavoury birthing place
  • And more!

GUEST: Michelle Fletcher
HOST: Jenny Baxter

This interview was first heard on Hobart’s ultra106five.

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 The First Christmas Family with Michelle Fletcher